Senior Citizens in Sri Lanka

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Senior Citizens

Currently, the population aging is progressing rapidly in Sri Lanka with various challanges by means of social, economical and cultural. In order to face these challenges in a successful way and organize elders to solve their issues in village level, the village level elders committees have been established under the Protection of the Rights of Elders Act No. 09 of 2000.

These Committees were established with the aim of protecting the rights of elders, promoting welfare, participation in decision making and enhancing social, economical, cultural and spiritual development of elders.

Further, these elders committees make arrangements to strongly orgnize elders and provide broad welfare services for other societies as well in an optimum way.

In order to strenghen the financial capabilities of elders committees the National Secretariat for Elders grants Rs. 5000.00 to each registered village level elders committees at the initial stage and elders committees follow various ways and means to generate more funds.

Further, these committees are registered in Divisional Secretariats under the National Secretariat for Elders and therefore the elders committees are legally and socially recognized in the society.