Other Benefits for Elders

Senior Citizen Assistance Scheme for Elderly Hood

Senior Citizens over 70 years old, and whose monthly income is below Rs. 3000.00 are given a monthly allowance of Rs. 2000.00 for empowering the last stage of life. You can visit the Social Service Officer/ Elders Rights Promotion Assistant/ Social Development Assistant on a Monday/ Wednesday at the office of the Divisional Secretariat for further details.

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Elders Sponsorship "Wedihiti Awarana Kepakaru"

Being in their old age with none to look after them due to being abandoned by their brought up children. Those helpless elders are expecting your help. We seek people like you who wish to fulfill the perfection of offering with the sensitive heart. Select a destitute mother /father who are with economic difficulties, over 70 years of age and give them a loving support by contributing to "Wedihiti Awarana" (Elders Sponsorship) Scheme at your easy method of payment following the discussion with the National Secretariat for Elders. Allocated small amount of money to give them life.

  • For 01 year    Rs. 6,000.00    USD 60
  • For 02 years    Rs. 12,000.00    USD 120
  • For 03 years    Rs 18,000.00    USD 180
  • For 04 years    Rs 24,000.00    USD 240
  • For 05 years    Rs 30,000.00    USD 300

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When settling elders in Elders Homes, it is needed to obtain the recommendation of the Divisional Secretary and approval of the Provincial Director of Social Services and the priority would be given to the elders those who are able to live by themselves but do not have any children or relatives and became destitute.

Actions are taken to construct and maintain these homes under donations and government monitory contributions with the objective of improving the welfare of the elderly people living in these Homes.

Eye Lenses and Hearing aid instrument to the needy

Eye lenses are issued by the Divisional Secretariats on the required date enabling elders, who are affected by eye diseases with the ageing, to get surgeries done on time. Hearing aids and eye lenses are provided to elders over 60 years of age and whose monthly income is less than Rs. 3000.00. Hearing test report and recommendation of the Divisional Secretary are needed for the grant of hearing aids.

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Identity card for all elders who are over 60 years of old

Special identity cards are issued for elders over 60 years of age by the National Secretariat for Elders to enable them get preferential treatment when obtaining public services. The identity card ensures various benefits for elders in obtaining public service from hospitals, post offices, banks and other public institutions, State Pharmaceutical Corporation, and higher interest rates for fixed deposits in certain banks. Be hurry to have the special identity cards for free of charge and obtain the preferential treatment at anytime, anywhere, Rs. 1.5 Million, for this purpose, has been allocated in support of you, the elders.

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Home care services for elders

You also can get the service of a well-trained trusworthy home care worker to look after your elderly parents.

Reasonable Charges

Day time - Rs. 750.00 per shift of 8 hour service.

Night time - Rs. 900.00 per shift of 8 hours service

Full Day - Rs. 1650.00 per shift 24 hours service

For every additional hour just a small amount of Rs. 100.00 per hour

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An Employment - for the skill

Self employments

We expect by this to create a demand for elders' handicrafts with the objectives of evaluating their skills and introducing them to the society following the introduction of a market for their handicrafts and other products. Preliminary programmes for this purpose commenced for self employed elders.

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