National Secretariat for Elders Sri Lanka


National Secretariat for Elders has been established under the Protection of the Rights of Elders Act No. 09 of 2000. The office of the National Secretariat for elders implemented diverse programmes and projects throughout Sri Lanka for the wellbeing of elderly population in the country. Our foremost intention is to prevent the elders leading a solitary life and to enhance their participation in the society.


To take people of Sri Lanka towards an active, productive and dynamic ageing through caring.


To encourage participation of older persons on social development and to ensure their independence, care, participation, self-fulfilment, dignity and to protect the rights of elders through awareness programmes.

Priority Area

  1. Allowance Rs. 2000.00 for senior citizens.
  2. Establishment of rural elder committees and provision of financial assistance.
  3. Issuance of elders identity cards
  4. Providing financial assistance to elder day care center.
  5. Training and awareness programmes.
  6. Provision of eye lenses and hearing aids, free of charge.
  7. Commemoration of International Elders Day.
  8. Provision of Financial Assistance for "Homes for the Elders".
  9. Elder cover sponsorship scheme (Wedihiti Awarana sponsorship scheme).
  10. Maintenance Board of the Elders.
  11. Home care workers programme.
  12. Providing self-employment assistance.