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Do you know that you are protected by law if you have lost the love of your children?

The Maintenance Board has been established in terms of Act, No. 09 of 2000 with the objective of guaranteeing the rights of protection of the elderly parents who have been neglected by the children. Please forward your letter containing your request in detail. Or else you can visit the Social Service Officer/ Elders Rights Promotion Assistant/ Social Development Assistant on a Monday/ Wednesday at the office of the Divisional Secretariat.

Who can submit a Maintenance application to the Maintenance Board?

  • If you are a mother or a father who have completed 60 years of age and if you are neglected by one child or several children.
  • If you have, as parents, brought them up with love and affection and taken steps to nourish them.
  • If yu are unable to maintain yourself with your age.

You can submit your request to us

This composition of the Maintenance Board is as follows

A retired judge of the Supreme Court including four persons who have experience in various fields.

When inquiring into matters relating to maintenance

Summons will be sent out under registered cover to the applicant and the respondent.

What are the factors that will be considered when deciding on maintenance?

  • His/Her monetary requirements according to expenditure and income of the applicant.
  • The manner in which monetary resources have been utilized for properties and savings including the income and expenditure of the applicant.
  • Were his/her children accordingly brought up by and nourished by him/her.
  • Physical and psychological condition of the applicant mother and father.
  • The income situation of the respondent child or children with regard to the source of income and the capacity for earning.
  • The amount expenditure for the maintenance of respondent spouse and children
  • What are the monetoary and other commitments that were borne by the respondent on behalf of the applicant's father/mother?

Duty of the Reconciliation Officer

Application to the Maintenance Board will in the first instance be referred to the Reconciliation Officer.

Implementation of Maintenance Order

The respondent child or children will be directed to make payment of maintenance to the Applicant Mother/Father provided that the Maintenance Board is satisfied with regard to maintenance.

The Maintenance Board will give special attention to

  • Persons who are unable to fulfill their own maintenance.
  • And to the reasonableness of maintenance of the Applicant Father/Mother by the respndent Child/children.

Disbursement of Maintenance Fund

Crediting the monthly payment of money to a Bank Deposit account of Father/Mother.

  • An outright payment of an amount of money.
  • Purchase of an Insurance premium by an outright payment.
  • By a Money Order.
  • By the payment of a grant on a specific date decided by the Maintenance Board

Is it possible to ignore the request for the payment of maintenance or a Maintenance Order?

Disregard to a Maintenance Order is an offence in respect of the violation of a directive punishable under sub Section 13 of Section 33 of Act, No. 9 for the Protection of the Rights of Elders. Accordingly the Appeal Court can meet out this punishment for contempt of Court

The Chairman and the members of the Maintenance Board will ensure confidentiality in the reasonable settlement/providing maintenance in the most cordial environment.

You can download your application here.....