Elder Homes in Sri Lanka

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Elder Homes

Elder Home System is implemented in Sri Lanka to provide a comfortable, safe and caring environment for the elders who are over 60 years of age for reasons of age, frailty or simply loneliness feel that they are no longer able to live by themselves due to loss of care. There are 04 Elders Homes under the control of the government. Various Organizations and individuals maintain around 280 Elders Homes.

In terms of legal provisions as stipulated in the Protection of the Rights of Elders Act No. 09 of 2000, the National Council for Elders has powers to monitor / inspect / register the affair in such Elders Homes.

When settling elders in Elders Homes, it is needed to obtain the recommendation of the Divisional Secretary and approval of the Provincial Director of Social Services and the priority would be given to the elders those who are able to live by themselves but do not have any children or relatives and became destitute.

Actions are taken to construct and maintain these homes under donations and government monitory contributions with the objective of improving the welfare of the elderly people living in these Homes.