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In Sri Lanka, the extended family culture, which displays how much strong the relationship between the parents and their children, clearly illustrates the Sri Lankan proud identity. Significant feature of these families could be listed as that all family members are acquired the secured life from the childhood to the elderly hood. In the concept of extended family, the honor is bestowed upon the elder considering him as the noble member in their own family. After reaching to the elderly hood, opportunity is then gifted with the elders to spend the rest of life happily while teaching his grandchildren manners and etiquettes. Sri Lanaka was embroiled in the three decade civil war and it is not a secret that it hampered the economic, political, social and cultureal profiles of Sri Lanka. Unavoidable consequences of this issue were becoming whole elders isolated in the society and their welfare activities were declined due to negligence to them. In circumstances, there are some issues at present in providing care and nutritious meals to the elders and the government has to spend a lot on elderly welfare parallel to the development activities of the government. When an era that elderly population in the world is rapidly growing, the statistical value of the growth of elderly population in Sri Lanka is also significantly very high. Elderly population in Sri Lanka is 2,520,573 and when it is compared to the total population the percentage of elderly population is 12.38%. With the objective of providing the background required for the elderly people in order to spend their evening of the lifetime happily, having obtained the contribution of both government and non-government sectors, we commit much for ensuring the welfare and participation of the elderly people. In order to fulfill the said task, the Model for Elders' Welfare, which to be networked, is as follows. In this endeavor, national as well as International cooperation is currently requested for making them active members in the society while opening the new ways to their loneliness lives and eradicating their economical difficulties. You also can contribute to our great endeavor of gifting the proud generation who built the nation. For this purpose, we invite you all to extend your helping hands toward the success of our work.