Day Centers in Sri Lanka

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Day Centers

As and alternative to the Elders Homes in Sri Lanka the concept of Day centers has been introduced for older persons to spend their day time with their peer groups happily and productively and to spend the night with their family members.

NSE provides assistance to members of senior citizens committees around the country to establish Day Centers in temples, churches, mosques and common buildings with the assistance from the Divisional Secretariats, where elders share ideas, experiences and conduct daily programme activities. Elders who attend Day Centers follow a programme designed according to their specific needs which includes suitable daily exercise routine, recreation, income generation activities, religious activities; provision of medical services and advice etc., NSE also assists to commence day centers with an initial grant of Rs. 25000.00 to purchase required items.

Advice on nutritional facts, health awareness and other issues related to older people is shared with members while awareness is also made on rights of elders, benefits of obtaining a special senior citizens ID, services provided by the government for elders etc. Routine meditation and religious sessions to benefit alder people are also organized through the village temples, churches, mosques and other religious places. Day Centers are scattered around the Island and are serving senior citizens.